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[[Python Code Samples]]<br>
[[Python Code Samples]]<br>
[[Websocket Server]]<br>
[[Websocket Server]]<br>
[[MQTT Publish Subscribe]]<br>
<!-- [[MQTT Publish Subscribe]]<br> -->

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Welcome to Lantronix Python Developer Wiki

Getting Started

The Lantronix Python Developer Wiki is your source to learn more about developing M2M/IoT applications using the Python programming language and deploying it on Lantronix family of Intelligent Gateway products.

If you are new to Python, please visit to get started and learn the basics.For a quick and informal introduction to Python, the Python Tutorial is a great start.

Once you have become familiar with the language, referencing the Programmer's Guide is a good next step. It describes how to load and run Python programs on Lantronix devices, reviews available Python modules including those that expose Lantronix specific APIs.

Please visit our Support Forums to share ideas with the community of Lantronix users, check for solutions to your questions and post your own queries.

Code Samples

Python Code Samples
Websocket Server

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