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The 1.5 firmware release for the xPico Wi-Fi includes several new features, especially around the area of how to use the USB port that is native to the xPico Wi-Fi. In addition, since Lantronix has now created more network services and applications than what can fit in the flash of the xPico Wi-Fi, we have created a Windows application called "Packager" that lets you choose which modules to build into a firmware image, without having to install the full SDK to create your own firmware.



When you double click on the xPicoWifi_1.5.0.0R9_Package.exe, you will open a self-contained graphical application to build a custom firmware image. For example, the picture above shows building an image with AES encryption, the Discovery protocol, NTP, Tunnel, User_Data, the Mux, and Usb_Acm. Note that everything there but the Usb_Acm come in the standard image. That's because the standard image has Bridge and Usb_Rndis by default, which means the USB port is a network protocol. With the image built per the picture above, the USB port of the xPico Wi-Fi will appear as a third serial port.

New USB features

With 1.4 firmware, we introduced the ability to use the xPico Wi-Fi as a network adapter over USB using RNDIS. See XPicoWiFi/Usb.

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