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Welcome to the Lantronix Developer Wiki

The Lantronix Developer Wiki is your source to learn more about developing M2M/IoT solutions using Lantronix products and services. Please check back often as we update content regularly to provide developers insightful tips and tricks and valuable information about working with various Lantronix products.

Please visit our Support Forums to share ideas with the community of Lantronix users, check for solutions to your questions and post your own queries.

Also see the Lantronix Github page for libraries to help you develop your product faster.

PremierWave xPico Wi-Fi


The PremierWave family of devices now includes the ability to easily add intelligence by running your custom Python scripts.

Python Guide

Linux SDK

The Timesys SDK for PremierWave devices allows you to customize the Linux kernel, cross-compile your own programs, and customize the filesystem installed in the PremierWave devices.

Linux SDK

Standard firmware development

The xPico Wi-Fi is a fully integrated Wi-Fi module with TCP/IP stack and Lantronix SmartSuite applications that make deployment of secure, reliable products much easier. This guide shows how to customize the xPico Wi-Fi via configuration to quickly and easily Wi-Fi enable your product.

Developer's Guide

Software Development Kit

Lantronix provides an SDK to create firmware that has custom code running on the microcontroller that is part of the xPico Wi-Fi module. To get an installer for the SDK, please contact your local Field Applications Engineer.

Why use the xPico Wi-Fi SDK?

Getting Started